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The Importance of an ERP Vendor That Knows Consumer Goods

There are numerous specific questions to consider when choosing an ERP software vendor. This includes in-depth technology questions, deployment questions, functionality questions and more. However, before diving into these types of specific questions, it is also important to take a step back and consider what is important from a general perspective. The main general question to understand is if your ERP vendor truly knows and is focused on your industry.

While we receive lots of great testimonials from our customers, the most common feedback we receive from customers that switch from a general ERP provider is how big a difference was made by choosing an ERP vendor that understands the consumer goods industry. While our focus on consumer goods provides many benefits to customers, today we wanted to focus on two main areas where our complete focus on consumer goods improves our customers business.

The first is with a faster return on investment. Because our software is built out-of-the-box for the way consumer goods companies do business, you need fewer customisations and fewer bolt-ons when you partner with Apprise Software. Avoiding customisations and integration with bolt-ons that take time and resources to complete means you are able to start implementing our ERP software faster. And when you start your implementation, all of our project managers are consumer goods experts who already know your business. This means they can have you up and running even faster. We pride ourselves in delivering the fastest possible return on investment to our customers.

Receiving the most up-to-date consumer goods functionality is the second main way choosing an ERP vendor focused on consumer goods improves your business. Using a general ERP means the company is spending their R&D on multiple different areas. They are adding in functionality meaningful to a wide variety of customers. With Apprise Software, you can be sure that all of our new functionality will be relevant to your business. Our customers benefit from each other since functionality developed for one customer is applicable to the rest of our customer base. And being part of a consumer goods specific community means staying on top of the most current best practices and advice available.

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