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Apprise ROI Calculator

Before deciding on new ERP software companies should consider these two main questions:

Will the system meet your unique business requirements?

What is the ROI of implementing the system?

At Apprise, we know the best way to handle all of your business complexities from manufacturing to retail compliance.

Our consumer goods focused software – specifically tailored with out-of-the-box functionality and tools to fit your business – delivers better ROI than generic solutions.

But don't take our word for it. Take a few moments to plug your business metrics into our ROI calculator to see what results you can expect from our ERP software. Apprise ERP consistently saves consumer goods companies money in the following areas:

  • More efficient reporting
  • On hand inventory reduction
  • Invoice deductions
  • Increased sales volume without increasing staff
  • Overall operational efficiencies

More efficient reporting

Taking the time to continuously create reports is a drain on resources. As a fully integrated solution, Apprise ERP can create reports in just minutes. That's because data is updated in real-time throughout the day. The data cascades throughout the system so that any information you are looking for is always right at your fingertips. Apprise ERP makes it easy to view any piece of data at any time. And less time spent creating reports can free up your team to spend more time analyzing and implementing changes based on the information.

To see how much your organisation can improve your profitability each year through more efficient reporting please fill in the information below. Every company differs in the amount of improvements they see in each area of the supply chain, which is why we have included feedback from current customers on how much they have saved.

How many hours each month does your company spend building reports?


What is the average salary of these employees?


What is your expected reporting efficiency improvement (our customers report gains of 60-70%)?


Yearly savings from gains in reporting efficiencies.


On hand inventory reduction

Apprise ERP offers the tools to figure out exactly how much inventory you should have on hand. With Apprise ERP, you can run a paper warehouse or go wireless with fully integrated wireless warehouse technologies. Our ERP software also helps minimise inventory discrepancies with flexible inventory counting options and utilises real-time "as of" inventory valuation to gain insight into inventory costs for improved management and control. These options, and more, allow our customers to realise reductions in inventory holding costs.

To see how much money your organisation can save each year by reducing on hand inventory please fill in the information below.

What is your average inventory value on hand?


What is your company's cost of capital?


What is your expected percentage reduction in inventory (our customers reported between a 20-25% reduction)?


Yearly savings from on hand inventory reductions.


Invoice deductions

Invoice deductions happen. But the right software application can ensure they happen a lot less often. Many consumer goods companies are aggravated by retailer invoice deductions. These companies struggle to figure out the exact cause of their invoice deductions, and then do not have measures in place to prevent invoice deductions from happening again. Apprise ERP includes invoice deduction management tools that enable companies to measure, track, dispute, and recover retailer invoice deductions. And improved compliance can lead to better relationships with your retail partners as well.

To see how much money your organisation can save each year by reducing invoice deductions please fill in the information below.

What is your current cost due to invoice deductions per year?


What is your expected percentage reduction in invoice deductions (our customers report between an 80%-90% reduction)?


Yearly savings from invoice deduction reductions


Increasing sales volume without increasing staff

Every company's goal is to get the most productivity out of the least amount of staff. Apprise ERP helps businesses optimise their warehouse with speed receiving and directed putaway capabilities. It also allows you to maximise picking with integrated pre-pack and cartonization rules. These, and many more options, will give you best practice processes that will maximise your warehouse workers productivity.

To see how much money your organisation can save each year by increasing sales without increasing staff please fill in the information below.

How many warehouse workers do you currently have?


What is these employees' average salary?


What is your expected sales volume growth without having to expand staff (our customers report a 20%-25% increase)?


Yearly savings from increasing sales volume


Increasing operational efficiencies

Apprise ERP offers robust functionality and easy-to-use supply chain management tools to help our customers improve overall efficiency throughout their entire supply chain. From manufacturing and importing, to warehouse operations and retail compliance, we provide the software you need to tighten your operations and boost productivity.

To see how much money your organisation can save each year by increasing overall operational efficiencies please fill in the information below.

How many employees will use Apprise ERP?


What is these employees' average salary?


What is the employees expected increase in productivity (our customers reported a range
from 20-30%)


Yearly savings from increasing sales volume


Apprise ERP ROI

Fill in your estimated implementation costs to view your payback period. To receive an implementation estimate or to review your results with a Product Specialist please call 610.991.3900.

What are your estimated implementation costs?


Cost savings each year


Payback period