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Running an efficient food wholesale supply chain means having the industry specific tools you need, from production through retail delivery. We know you must deal with unique challenges such as traceability, perishable products, regulatory compliance issues and much more. Our software, Apprise® ERP, is built with integrated tools and industry-specific functionality that will help turn your biggest challenges into simple solutions.

Our industry-specific functionality helps you:

  • Manage full forward and backward lot traceability and audit trail
  • Handle retailer compliance requirements including: RFID, EDI, labelling, reporting and more
  • Share real time product, pricing, inventory, and invoicing information with authorised users and field sales reps
  • Manage sales, returns, recalls and expiration dates by product lot from the factory through to your customer
  • Purchase, receive, inventory and bill by catch weight and product units
  • Allocate and prioritise limited inventory by customer or sales representative
  • Optimise route schedulling and fleet delivery to help manage fuel costs and driver efficiency
  • And much more!

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Read how Apprise ERP helps you meet your customer needs and regulatory compliance requirements while maximising your supply chain efficiency.

"Apprise supplies us with both the software and the expertise that allow us to better serve our customer and vendor needs."

- Wine importer and distributor
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