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Remote sales orders

Your consumer goods business is a 24/7 enterprise. That's why you need tools that work the way you do. Apprise® ERP includes remote sales order entry tools to ensure your team members and customers have remote access to your business any time day or night. Our integrated customer portal provides secure access to the products, customer-specific pricing and terms, and order entry tools you need to streamline your processes, improve data accuracy and provide stellar customer service.

Our remote order entry capabilities reduce your sale-to-revenue cycle by seamlessly transferring data directly into Apprise ERP. Our solution also features online and offline quoting and selling that utilises integrated customer-specific pricing and discounting to minimise order errors and improve customer satisfaction.

Apprise ERP is built the way consumer goods companies do business. We understand that enabling customers to input their own orders can significantly reduce the strain on your resources. And our customer portal helps improve your sales team's efficiency by enabling remote sales order entry and access to real-time customer and inventory information.

Order status

Customers, sales reps, support teams, and other stakeholders need to stay up-to-date on the status of orders. Having real-time information on order status, product availability and allocation helps your team improve response times and increase your company's overall efficiencies.

Apprise ERP helps you reduce support costs and resources by enabling online enquiries on order status, delivery options, invoices, account balances, and more. It also automates statuses in real-time as orders are processed for shipment, and provides full visibility on orders as they move through open, in pick, confirmed, fully received, and other status options.

Our ERP solution gives your customers 24/7 access to the information they need without requiring the direct assistance of limited customer service resources – reducing costs and improving productivity. Customers can also use filtered search options to personalise their queries for faster, more efficient searches of your product line, pricing and other data. And our order status tools are user friendly and intuitive, making them easy for your customers and team members alike to navigate and understand.

Dynamic site creation

When it comes to e-commerce platforms, we understand that one size does not fit all. Many consumer goods companies want the ability to customise customer portal tools to better fit their needs. Apprise ERP provides consumer goods companies with reliable and flexible e-commerce options built for the way you do business.

The Apprise Customer Portal is designed to support simplified content creation without HTML code writing. For a customised look, feel, and user experience, tap our industry standard customisation tools that make it easy for you to create a more personalised user experience.
Our robust web platform is built on a foundation of standard technologies including ASP.NET and AJAX, and uses cascading style sheets (CSS) for maximum flexibility and power. Apprise Customer Portal is fully integrated to make deployment fast and simple. Just mark a product available for online selling to generate the HTML pages and images needed for your website. Once launched, your sales reps and customers can access your site from anywhere, at anytime, to place orders, check inventory availability, lookup order status and more.

Expand your markets, reduce costs, and increase the productivity of your sales force using our integrated Apprise Customer Portal.

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