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General Ledger

The general ledger (G/L) is the foundation of your accounting and financial record keeping. Having a reliable solution that can help you accurately close your books each month, and maintain a permanent summary of your general ledger, is a top priority. For some companies, updating, sustaining and navigating the general ledger is a frustrating and overly complex process. That's why Apprise® ERP offers comprehensive, user friendly, and intuitive general ledger tools to help you manage your financial data with ease.

Apprise ERP gives you real-time insight into company performance with complete drill-down capabilities. And you can establish companies, fiscal periods, accounts, currencies, and budgets all aligned with the way you do business for maximum efficiencies and management control.

Our G/L allows for automatic or manual postings, and provides import and export tools to help you move data into and out of other applications. The Apprise ERP general ledger can be set up with multiple companies, divisions, or departments. So you can maintain budgets and compare budgeted amounts to actual amounts with ease. No matter how you structure your finances, Apprise ERP contains the flexible tools to run your business.

Accounts Receivable

Your accounts receivable (A/R) team plays an important role in the finance department. With the right tools in place, your team can stay on top of customer accounts and payment statuses. At Apprise, we understand the tools you need to streamline your accounts receivable process. That's why Apprise ERP comes fully integrated and provides the comprehensive financial solutions you need to succeed.

Your finance department can utilise our rule-based exception management tools to mine receivables data and identify performance indicators that require action. Apprise ERP enables you to leverage electronic cheque application to streamline the posting of customer payments against invoices. And our intuitive interface makes it easy to gain in-depth information on outstanding receivables trends and status with on-demand, retroactive ageing reports.

The Apprise ERP A/R tools contain all the functionality you need to successfully manage your accounts receivables. With our integrated ERP, you can handle invoicing, electronic cheque posting, accounts receivable item transfers, non-sufficient funds payment management, customer cheque application reversal, and much more. You also get visibility into customer payment history, outstanding customer receivables and invoice deduction management.

Accounts Payable

Part of keeping a good relationship with your suppliers is staying on top of your accounts payable (A/P). Streamlining your payable tasks can help eliminate inefficiencies in A/P processing and reporting. Apprise ERP provides you with the tools you need to understand and take control of your expenses and cash flow.

As a fully integrated ERP solution, Apprise ERP gives you unmatched visibility into your current cash position and obligations. Reporting tools provide critical information at the detail level for cash requirements and open items ageing. Rule-based electronic cheque voiding enables you to void cheques and reopen invoices quickly, to maximise your team's productivity. And Apprise ERP makes it easy to research, dispute and manage your payables for optimal handling of your financials.

Apprise ERP A/P tools help you increase efficiencies in your accounts payable. So you can improve the workflow you use to handle individual and recurring invoices, cheque approval and printing, purchase order reconciliation and more. And your finance team will find that reporting is easier and more intuitive.

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