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Multiple cost/work centres

Apprise® Manufacturing is a complete MRP II solution that enables you to simplify processes while optimising your single- or multi-location operations with real-time visibility, collaboration and control. You get the functionality you need to improve control over scheduling, labour, costing and more.

With Apprise ERP, you get real-time information that enables you to effectively track, manage, and reduce manufacturing costs. Our advanced planning and scheduling tools help you spot bottlenecks, plan workloads, create what if scenarios, and view inventory and capacity plans side-by-side for a comprehensive view into planning options. And in-depth labour, overhead, and fixed and variable expense allocation gives you maximum cost management and control.

Our production scheduling solution simplifies daily planning, scheduling and reporting tasks. Smart drag-and-drop tools easily accommodate schedule changes and automatically adjust dependencies while respecting production constraints. And our fully integrated solution enables you to import data directly from Excel, Access and text files to speed tasks and decision making.

Work orders

With Apprise ERP, you can create and process work orders for maximum control and flexibility. So you get the right tools to automate your production and improve efficiencies. Apprise ERP contains out-of-the-box functionality to streamline your work order management to ensure your production does not miss a beat.

Our build-to-order and build-to-stock work order management helps you meet even the most complex customer demands. You can group and allocate work orders by designated assembly lines to maximise production efficiencies. Apprise ERP makes it easy to allocate backordered materials to work orders – based on your business rules – to maximise revenue potential.

With Apprise ERP, you have the ability to leverage disassembly work orders to streamline returns and restocking. Work orders can be edited, voided, or cloned to simulate an existing work order's details. You can also display work order information for a specific location and work order status. And our integrated system enables you to automatically post work orders to the general ledger to reflect on-hand inventory of finished goods.

Production monitoring

Third-party manufacturing poses unique challenges for consumer goods companies. But full visibility into your supplier operations can improve information sharing and compliance, while protecting your valuable relationships. Apprise® Supplier Production Monitoring enables you to monitor, manage and track the production activities of all your overseas suppliers.

With Apprise ERP, you get fully integrated monitoring tools that give you deeper visibility into the tasks, compliance mandates, and information requirements of all your supply-side activities. Staying on top of production activities and timelines for an unlimited number of suppliers helps ensure your operations stay on track, and on time. Apprise ERP enables you to consolidate all production data and activities into one central repository, so intelligence and tasks can be easily viewed, shared, imported, and tracked.

Apprise Supplier Production Monitoring is designed to meet the variable technology needs of all your overseas suppliers. Three flexible data capture options give you a range of choices to match the technology capabilities of all your overseas sourcing partners. Our low complexity options help you meet your informational needs, even when you're working with partners in emerging markets. For technologically adept partners, choose our secure portal that enables you to offload time-consuming reporting and data collection tasks for improved efficiency. Our user-friendly portal gives you comprehensive visibility for the ultimate in manufacturing transparency. And our rule-based alerts notify appropriate users when events, problems or opportunities occur during the production cycle.

Apprise ERP gives you real-time visibility, collaboration and control to maximise data sharing and scheduling efficiencies.

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