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Mobile Sales & Order Entry

Get more stuff done, faster

Make sales, show your products and engage customers – anytime, anywhere. Give your sales and other teams the power to be more productive. Introducing Apprise® Mobile, our native tablet app solution for those on-the-go. Now, keeping teams connected with real-time information is easier than ever. Perfect for remote order entry, tradeshow presentations and customer account service, Apprise Mobile is designed with the tools to help streamline your business and get stuff done, faster.

Designed for speed and flexibility, Apprise Mobile works even if there's no internet connection. When in offline mode, all activity is stored within the app. Once back online, simply initiate a sync and all activity is transmitted via the cloud.

Connected to the core of your business

Apprise Mobile is fully integrated with Apprise ERP – providing real-time data like product details, pricing scenarios, inventory levels and customer account info, your teams will have this and more available at their fingertips.

Wanting a more efficient sales and ordering process?
Apprise Mobile can help you:
  • Increase sales
  • Improve order processing time
  • Reduce administrative work
  • Stay organised — minimise errors and prevent backorders
  • Maintain more up-to-date inventory records
  • Give teams more time to focus on sales & service

More productivity, less hassles. There's a lot to love about Apprise Mobile.

Want more info? Check out the Apprise Mobile info sheet. Click to view your version.

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