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Invoice deduction management

Invoice deductions are eating away at your profitability; negatively affecting your bottom line. Apprise® ERP helps you reverse this drain on your profitability. Our integrated invoice deduction management tools enable you to measure, track, dispute and recover retailer invoice deductions.

Apprise ERP makes it easy to reduce your incidence of invoice deductions, resolve erroneous deductions, and recover your profits. Our unique invoice deduction functionality helps consumer goods companies drill down and track invoice deduction reason codes to help you analyse the impact of invoice deductions on your bottom line.

Apprise ERP invoice deduction task management tools enable you to assign users and teams to resolve erroneous deductions. With Apprise ERP, it's easy to track the status of your deductions, so you can monitor which invoice deductions are in research, and when to require proof of delivery. Our invoice deduction management tools give you the resources you need to reclaim your profits. And our industry specific tools and functionality help you improve compliance performance to help you strengthen retailer relationships.

Electronic Data Interchange

If you sell to mass merchant retailers, chances are you need an electronic data interchange (EDI) solution. EDI compliance is a complex process. Particularly when your trading partners all have their own unique rules. Apprise ERP offers three robust compliance options designed specifically for consumer goods. With our consumer goods experience, we know how to navigate the EDI requirements of your most demanding retail partners.

Apprise EDI functionality enables you to improve collaboration with your customers. You'll increase data accuracy and profitability while decreasing invoice deductions and order errors. Apprise ERP supports ASC X12, EDIFACT and UCS standards, and seamlessly supports all common EDI transaction types, including inbound and outbound orders (850), order acknowledgements (855), advanced shipping notices (856), invoices (810), POS data (852) and more.

More service options give you the greatest flexibility to meet your current and evolving needs. So whether you choose a hands-on or hands-off approach to EDI, Apprise has you covered. Choose from our self-managed or Apprise-managed EDI solutions, including:

Apprise® EDI Transaction Manager

A fully integrated EDI solution that:
  • Eliminates the need for third-party EDI software
  • Supports ASC X12, EDIFACT and UCS standards
  • Provides flexible communication options
  • Seamlessly maps EDI data to your core Apprise ERP application database fields
  • Provides advanced scheduling to ensure transactions are sent/received in a timely manner
  • Archives EDI transactions for data storage, retrieval and enquiry
  • Includes user-friendly, drag-and-drop EDI map creation tools

Apprise® EDI Trade Services

Apprise-provided EDI mapping services that include:
  • Support for EDI transactions required for compliance
  • EDI map creation to the specifications of each of your trading partners
  • Map testing in collaboration with trading partners to ensure compliance
  • Ongoing map management to accommodate trading partner changes and ensure continued compliance
  • Day-to-day transaction monitoring to identify and resolve issues and ensure smooth operations with your trading partners

Apprise® EDI Gateway

Integration with your third-party EDI software solution that:
  • Enables you to leverage existing EDI software investments
  • Supports EDI transactions required by trading partners to achieve compliance
  • Seamlessly imports/exports data between your Apprise ERP application and external EDI software
  • Supports ASC X12 and EDIINT/AS2 standards

Radio-Frequency Identification

Tracking pallets, cases, cartons and products through RFID helps consumer goods companies gain a competitive advantage. You can use RFID technology to keep real-time inventory and improve data accuracy and visibility. Apprise ERP gives you complete visibility into inventory throughout all your warehouses, from receiving through shipping, to give you accurate and up-to-date data on product location anywhere in your warehouse. Whether your goal is basic RFID carton- or pallet-level tagging compliance, or to leverage RFID for its broader potential throughout your supply chain, Apprise ERP can help.

You can count on industry standard RFID compliance to help you automate your RFID printer tag creation process for goods shipping to RFID-enabled retail distribution centres. Or choose your standard process for ship-to locations that follow standard business rules for labelling and shipping processes. Apprise ERP is designed for maximum flexibility to help you meet retailer mandates, avoid manual workflows and improve productivity.

Our RFID capabilities are fully integrated within Apprise ERP to allow for seamless transition of data between RFID tags and your Apprise ERP solution. We offer standardised RFID solutions that reduce the need for customisations, therefore improving your ROI and lowering your total cost of ownership.

With Apprise ERP, you can seamlessly meet current and emerging retailer compliance requirements to satisfy customer demands.

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