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Sales & Customer Service

Sales order entry

Consumer goods companies need accurate order entry tools that are flexible and easy to use. Apprise® ERP helps simplify sales order entry through integrated tools that automatically populate relevant screens and data fields, as sales order information cascades across your system.

Apprise ERP gives you maximum flexibility to take customer orders by phone, online, or via EDI. So you can meet the requirements of all your customers from large mass merchant retailers that require EDI interfaces for orders, shipments and payment information, to smaller independent stores. Apprise ERP can help you manage pricing and terms for all your customers, including individual price books, discounting, credit, promotions and more. And our charge management tools are flexible enough to automatically apply fees for freight, late payments, returns, and other fees, based on your business rules.

Our user-friendly order entry tools make it easy to seamlessly enter order information. And order class functionality helps streamline workflows for sales, returns, transfers, drop shipments, special orders, price quotes and customer consignment. Forecast hold functionality enables you to protect valuable inventory promised to your accounts. With Apprise ERP, your customer service team will have the tools it needs to accurately process orders for maximum customer satisfaction.

Customer management

Apprise ERP contains user-friendly customer management tools to help you set up, customise and update critical customer information.

With Apprise ERP, you get flexible customer maintenance tools that help you create master records by location, region, group, and more. You can also establish customer-specific pricing, credit and collection terms, and payment options to effectively manage margins and profitability.

Customer maintenance functionality enables you to create new customers, or update, delete, and copy existing ones. Importing functionality enables you to upload new or revised address data and other information. And all relevant information, including bill-to address, ship-to address, sales and marketing information, accounts receivable and much more, is easily accessible.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Excellent customer service is at the centre of your business, helping you to maintain strong relationships with your customers. Apprise ERP includes fully integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to help you better understand, anticipate, and communicate with customers to optimise your service levels. With Apprise ERP, you can consolidate all your critical customer contact and business information for easy sharing across your enterprise.

Our CRM enables you to maximise sales revenue through centralised contract management that gives your support team real-time access to customer terms. Real-time order status, dynamic proof of delivery, and automated email capabilities can also help you improve efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

Functionality within Apprise ERP enables you to print customer remarks on any form, access sales history at the summary or detail level, and include unlimited attachments to customer records, such as proof of delivery, customer orders, and more. Customer correspondence can be time, date and user stamped. And follow-up reminders on alerts ensure your team never misses an appointment.

Our flexible, customer-centred tools enable you to effectively manage each client relationship. View the info sheets here.

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